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From small to large database applications we offer exceptional service and affordable rates while offering off-site/remote packages to fit your database needs.
* Database Administration
* Database Engineering
* SQL Development
* Business Intelligence and Reporting
*ETL Development
Don't go unsupported....we specialize in remote DBA work as well as "Backfill" DBA and short-term projects. Got a DBA on leave, you're business is important and so is your data, you can't afford to be unsupported! Call us today and see how we can temporarly backfill your project.
For MS SQL Server, we offer the latest in custom monitoring and reporting using native SQL features. Purchase our reporting package and you can save on expensive third party monitoring tools.
Our reporting packages includes the following reports:

General Monitoring
  • Backup History
  • Missing Backups
  • Job Activity
  • New Servers Installed
  • DB Size
  • Jobs in Failed Status
  • Large Log File
  • Server Installations
  • Database Status
  • Instances Recently Started
  • Server Errors
  • Database Property Changes
  • Security Settings
  • Server Disk_Space
  • Database Error Log
  • Authorized SQL Server Users
  • Failed Login Attempts
  • Index Overview
  • Automated Index Rebuild or Reorganization
  •        Performance Monitoring
  • Long Running Executing Jobs-Sysprocesses
  • Long Running Executing Jobs
  • Blocked Sysprocesses - Summary
  • Blocked Sysprocesses - New Blocks
  • Job Run Durations

  • Replication Monitoring
  • Replication Sync History
  • Replication Publisher Conflicts

  • Alert Monitoring
  • Insufficient Resources
  • SQL Fatal Error in Database dbid Processes
  • SQL Fatal Error Table Integrity Suspect
  • SQL Fatal Error: Database Integrity Suspect
  • CPU Utilization > 90%
  • Dead Locks
  • Whats Currently Running on My Server
    • All packages purchased include installation, testing and DBA support. These reports will work directly with your email system, dbmail and SSIS. All reports are sent via email in an easy to read HTML format. We can have you up and monitoring in a couple days.
      We support the following database software packages:
      * Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2016
      * Micorosft Access 97-2016
      * Postgress on Windows